Marketing services
The right marketing measures have a long-term effect. You can raise the attention for your products and services in China with a consistent marketing concept. In this matter, you stay in your client's mind. MKT turns fresh ideas into innovative advertising and marketing packages.
Marketing at a glance
To achieve your goals in China, we offer competent marketing support for your future or current projects. Unlike many other marketing companies, we are a full service provider and we handle each request with greatest care and dedication. No project is too small or too big for us.
The Marketing-Package | Your Perfect Sales Support
Our team has international background and experience and we understand the needs of foreign companies. At the same time, we understand China market.

Our team is dedicated to assisting our clients in succeeding with their business development in China. We provide you with professional marketing services that are required for your sales in China.

Your Advantage | Everything in One Hand

  • We support you before, during and after your exhibition in China
  • We provide professional translations of your company and product information
  • We create your logo, slogan or find an appropriate company name in Chinese
  • We design and print your brochures, catalog and other company publications
  • We create your company and product presentations on CD/DVD or company movies
  • We develop your advertising concepts and strategies
  • We conceive your Chinese internet presence
  • We support you with professional telemarketing solutions
  • We help you to design the right promotional items
  • We plan and organize your successful and unforgettable marketing event
  • We provide high-quality market analysis and support you with advice in key areas
  • We assist you with company and supplier databases
Language & Cultural Barriers | Let Us Handle It for You
Our 15 years of experience in accomplishing sales and marketing projects have shown us that companies in China and Asia often fail, due to their lack of understanding the Chinese culture.

English is often not enough to reach your potential clients in China, because most of the decision makers don't understand English.
  • We offer a range of solutions to hurdle these problems
  • We find the right words in Chinese for your company and products
  • We customize your marketing strategy and performance on the China market
  • We support you with efficient marketing tools
  • We assist you as mediators or team members during your projects and negotiations in China
  • We support you during the selection and administration of Chinese sales and marketing staff
Exhibition Service
Individual booth design, hostesses, brochures, flyer, mailing of invitation letters in Chinese, promotional items, special-event-service, visitors database, after-event-mailing. Contact us for more information.
Translation Service
Websites, brochures and catalogues, advertising text, presentations, business correspondence, manuals, multimedia. Contact us for more information.
Graphic Design
Fresh and market-oriented design for all your marketing tools. Contact us for more info on our Graphic Design Service. Contact us for more information.
Name-search, logo design and slogans, corporate design, protection of trademarks, product certification. Contact us for more information.
Finding new clients, product introduction, sales, customer care, market research, invitations to exhibitions. Contact us for more information.
Mailings & Direct Marketing

Vivo will operate within your specific target markets and manage every step of your direct marketing projects. Contact us for more information.
Vivo | Our Philosophy

We are a marketing agency. That is however not all. MKT is a specialized international marketing company for the China market. In the center of our thinking and acting are YOU and the China market.

We think like your Chinese customers, however our quality of work is Western. With an international team under European management, we take care of your projects with enthusiasm, devotion and strong will to supply to you an outstanding quality.

Vivo | Our Goal

WE do Marketing, WE do Communication and . . .
YOU are Successful.

Vivo understands itself as strategic advisors and your strong marketing partner in China. You achieve your objectives with our professional, lasting and continuous hard work. This is exactly our goal!

Contact us today and receive more information about our recent success stories and achievements.
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Tom Lee
Leader of sales team