VIVO exhibition Messe adopted the rising Exhibition Construction trends and Arts to build the charming exhibition artworks
Date : 2015-10-23
the original impression that existed in their mind...
As the current social economics rapidly rises, it comes the development spring for all industries in China under the big "reform and opening up" strategies, by the close economic cooperation at China home and abroad, and the continual aggressiveness efforts by many domestic enterprises, it helped improve China to be an important member in global society, yet now, the best method and most powerful way is still the exhibition and events like trade shows, display shows, special purchase shows, tide purchase show, etc. which usually happened inside the industry to help present the fresh new industry look and bring a good social image for the enterprise, the rising display stand design and construction art brought by them thus highlighted all these common industry expos.

As industry professions told that, the target enterprise image a display design and construction presented is how an enterprise attracted customers in a "direct" manner within a short time period. So, more and more exhibitors and trade show organizers began put more efforts in the booth construction and design, as it discovered that, the VIVO exhibition messe – who devoted to global exhibition design, plan, and construction as a specialised exhibition services provider company, distinguished itself from many industry competitors to become the head exhibition business partners designated by current huge many famous enterprises. It generally wined good ratings from these enterprises by its professional services.