The trendy VIVO Shanghai exhibition messe marched into campus
Date : 2015-02-21
the original impression that existed in their mind...
Recently, the well known international exhibition company – demage leader team arrived at Shanghai DongHua university as invited to give some speeches on modern exhibition design fashion and industry frontline developments to Donghua students and teachers, demage highly concerned on this seminar tour, the speech was directly given by demage china general manager – Mr Wangxiang himself.

In between the discuss with student and teachers, Wangxiang introduced the initial development of demage china, followed by his many career experiences, brought them many frontline news about china exhibition industry , opening a new china exhibition industry world for them to explorer. He then said that exhibition becomes more and more fashion in china, but there is still big gaps between national exhibition level and international's. in his words he mentioned that fashion is the new trend of today's exhibition industry, but only if the combination of them can make exhibition industry vital and effective. This is also the target demage aimed at all along. In this creative industry, demage leads the whole industry with its unique exhibition fashions system.

In the talking, Wangxia showed and explained some exhibition cases which combined with perfect fashion design elements in it which happened in different countries. winning great cheers from students and teachers. His talking changed the original impression that existed in their mind that exhibition is only some simply arrangement of some goods and products, after seeing these prefect exhibition effect in America and German designed by demage Fashion EI system, students were deeply inspired by it.