VIVO exhibition messe leads the exhibition industry evolution trends
Date : 2014-10-14
VIVO has established a win-win partnership with...
VIVO is an exhibition company dedicated to various China domestic and global exhibition and display design and construction, it possessed a high professional staffs and professional departments headquartered in Germany with branch subsidiaries spreading globally in 32 countries and 118 regions such as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, India, Brazil, South Africa, Dubai, Russia, Spain and so on. Also in 2001 It joined the WTO sharing its global exhibition construction resource and established a close partnership with it and its members. VIVO edged itself in the industry in a strong pose, taken to lead the industry evolution shortly after its establishment.

In China, VIVO has established a win-win partnership with Donghua University to build the VIVO -Donghua University Design Research Center for joint development of the exhibition booth EI System (Exhibition Identity). It has served Siemens, Bosch, ABB, CETC, GCL etc enterprises for building the successful EI booth cases for them so far already, by its super powerful talents and rich experience in exhibition industry, and the sharp touch into the market and deep investigation on client requirements, plus that all enterprise stuffs held the "virtuous" enterprise training theories and frontline theories, VIVO edged itself into global most competitive exhibition companies queue as the head exhibition partner designated by several hundreds global companies, thus gradually took to lead the industry evolution trends.

Further more, VIVO brought out the world first exhibition booth EI system in both the advance theories and the design aspects, VIVO China hired over 50 professional exhibition designers, including those foreign ones together develop the EI based booth construction business. Just in this innovation it rapidly increase its social influences, encouraged the VIVO people continue to work hard and innovate more, this is a good virtuous cycle, it Indicates that VIVO shares a charming further in exhibition industry, the facts that the whole industry trends kept evolving to follow VIVO as the industry vane gave bonus to its exhibition responsibilities, driving the whole VIVO employees serve the industry with more professional talents and more hard working dedications.

VIVO trained its enterprise staffs in every aspects so that they can be proficient in international exhibition workflow and to help them get involved with the industry to contribute for it, to provide customers with professional services of "specially-assigned person, special project and global one-stop", in Further VIVO will provide more EI based exhibition services for global more companies, to realized the "to offer exhibition services everywhere in the world" dream shared by both VIVO and its global customers, VIVO feel proud to take to lead the exhibition design and construction industry development trends by its professional and innovation spirits supporting by global people, VIVO will endeavor to keep devoting itself to contribute its experience to the world exhibition business till the end.