MCE Italy 2014
About the project
Client: Midea Group
Exhibition: MCE Italy 2014
Place: Russia
Size: Large-scale
Area : 150 ㎡
Venues : Russia Moscow International Exhibition Center

Our services included:

1. Providing the Exhibitor with the exhibition area and its maintenance by the staff (engineer, administrator, etc).

2. Installation, dismantling and decoration as part of the set of work, including development of design projects of the exposition, installation and dismantling of stands, fences, bafflers, podiums, fascia, banners, separate constructions, as well as building, electrical and plumbing works, etc.

3. Stand (exposition) assembly is a complex of works to build the certain set of constructions within the exhibition area, equipping them with certain technical appliances with connection to the engineering networks.

4. Leasing the exposition equipment.

5. Providing overall fire safety, security of the building (pavilion), cleaning the floor in the aisles between the expositions, ceiling lights, water supply, heating, ventilation system in the building (pavilion).

6. Organizational and methodological assistance of the Event.
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