Logistic services
We are a local third-party company specialized in providing integrated supply chain and logistics solutions within the Chinese market.
Our benefits
Best-in-class Facilities
From hygiene and organization to safety and security, we benchmark our warehouses against 5-star hotel standards.

Peak Performance

Our facilities provide a working environment that is conducive to consistent peak performance, delivering a sense of ownership and pride to our employees.


At the foundation of Elee's working practices, each process is documented in our company process map.
Ecommerce solutions designed to large-scale B2C operations
Years of operactions
In the Chinese logistics market have allowed us to establish a strong reputation in e-commerce logistics to position elee as one of the leading 3PLs in the China market.
Equipped with cutting edge WMS technology, industry experts and best-in-class warehousing facilities, we manage ecommerce order processing to the highest performance levels of the market.

Technology First
Supported by a team of IT specialists, elee System suite is a proven proprietary solution with virtually all the modules required to run any sort of logistics solutions.

We have built up the capacity to answer the strong e-commerce demand for all sorts of products.

The concept system solution resides on the priority that we assign to the system abilities to reflect the actual business process and does not require operation to conform to its information requirements as often with packaged supply chain management.

We offer tailor-made supply chain solutions

Operational Expertise

We service a wide range of industries including fashion & apparel, retail, food, wines, furniture, luxury and industrial products with dedicated system solution modules..

We demonstrate outstanding expertise in managing projects for B2B and B2C customers, offering pan-China distribution programs for major players in the market with inventory monitoring functions at SKU level across our four distribution centers.
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Leader of sales team
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