Exhibition services
Vivo Consulting will take care of everything! We offer a full and high quality service with big cost savings for you. Our service ranges from booth design through organizing hostesses to printing and delivering your company brochures, delivered directly to your booth. This way you do not have to worry about the logistics, local communication and many other problems which can occur in China.
Design, Construction, Printing, Communication | Everything in One Hand
  • We guarantee a high quality at a very competitive price
  • We help with the organization and design of your exhibition booth/stand
  • We negotiate with the organizers and local booth construction partners
  • We design and dispatch your invitations to target groups
  • We design or translate your brochures and exhibition flyers into Chinese
  • We print and supply your brochures directly and on schedule to your exhibition booth
  • We provide translation services and well trained hostesses for the duration of the fair
The Choice, Analyze, Negotiate and Book
To ease communication and reduce the work load for your sales and marketing team, we can take care of all administration and coordination work. We can arrange with the organizer the right location and negotiate a competitive rate.

Our selection service:

  • Analysis of your requirements and selection of the right fair
  • Reservation and booking of the booth at local pricing
  • Administration of all paperwork required

We demonstrate outstanding expertise in managing projects for B2B and B2C customers, offering pan-China distribution programs for major players in the market with inventory monitoring functions at SKU level across our four distribution centers.

Vivo Consulting | Our Philosophy

We are a marketing agency. That is however not all. Vivo Consulting is a specialized international marketing agency for the China market. In the center of our thinking and acting are YOU and the China market.

We think like your Chinese customers, however our quality of work is Western. With an international team under European management we take care of your projects with enthusiasm, devotion and strong will to supply to you an outstanding quality.
Vivo Consulting | Our Goal
WE do Marketing, WE do Communication and...
YOU are Successful.

Vivo Consulting understands itself as strategic advisors and your strong marketing partner in China.
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Tom Lee
Leader of sales team
E-mail: tom.lee888@qq.com